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Slavery’s last stronghold | CNN | March 2012

Nouakchott, Mauritania (CNN) — Moulkheir Mint Yarba returned from a day of tending her master’s goats out on the Sahara Desert to find something unimaginable.

Nieman Storyboard: “Altogether, as a model of multimedia narrative journalism, it’s hard to do better than this.”

Walking the 17-mile path of a deadly tornado | CNN | May 2013

Oklahoma (CNN) — Before I decided to walk the 17-mile path of last week’s tornado in Oklahoma, I wanted to check out its origins.Would I be able to reach the rural stretch of land where the storm dropped from the sky …

The county where no one’s gay | CNN | March 2013

Franklin County, Mississippi (CNN) — Statistically speaking, Franklin County should be straighter than John Wayne eating Chick-fil-A.

The most unequal place in America | CNN | October 2013

East Carroll Parish, Louisiana (CNN) — Delores Gilmore used to have a dream.

A Walk in Our Shoes | CNN iReport | 2010

CNN.com asked readers to film 1-minute videos of their favorite places to walk on the first day of spring in 2010. We took the submissions and created a story and video piece. All of the videos were posted online and tagged in a public database. Some CNN.com users downloaded videos and created their own mash-ups.

In Norway, prison isn’t meant to punish | CNN | May 2012

Bastoy, Norway (CNN) — Jan Petter Vala, who is serving a prison sentence for murder, has hands the size of dinner plates and shoulders like those of an ox. In an alcoholic rage, he used his brutish strength to strangle his girlfriend to death a few years ago.

Welcome to the era of ‘extreme energy’ | CNN | April 2011

Fort McKay, Alberta (CNN) – Celina Harpe was 7 when her grandfather made a prediction that would forever change her life.

Climate change threatens Shishmaref, Alaska | CNN | December 2009

Shishmaref, Alaska (CNN) — When the arctic winds howl and angry waves pummel the shore of this Inupiat Eskimo village, Shelton and Clara Kokeok fear that their house, already at the edge of the Earth, finally may plunge into the gray sea below.

Plato: Town at the center of America | CNN | May 19, 2011

Plato, Missouri (CNN) — If you stand at the intersection of two wooded cattle trails on Bob Hartzog’s land, beneath a particular cedar tree with a handkerchief and three pieces of orange plastic tied to it, you’ll find the unexpected “population center” of the United States of America, marked with a pile of stones.

The Gulf’s silent environmental crisis | CNN | May 2010

On the Gulf of Mexico (CNN) — Ten miles off the coast of Louisiana, where the air tastes like gasoline and the ocean looks like brownie batter, Louisiana State University professor Ed Overton leans out of a fishing boat and dunks a small jar beneath the surface of the oil-covered water. “God, what a mess,” he says under his breath, scooping up a canister of the oil that’s been spilled into the Gulf of Mexico.

How the Gulf became the nation’s ‘toilet bowl’ | CNN | July 2010

Pointe-Aux-Chenes, Louisiana (CNN) — When Nazia Dardar looks at the seemingly endless lake of water behind her stilted bayou home, the 76-year-old sees what once was a farm. Cows roamed there, she says, back when the lake was land.

Why drilling in ‘inner space’ tests human limits | CNN | July 2010

Morgan City, Louisiana (CNN) — Behind each video feed of oil billowing out of the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico is a robot about the size of a minibus built at an industrial center in this Louisiana oil town.

With Foursquare’s founder, life’s a game | CNN | June 4, 2010

New York (CNN) — Dennis Crowley was jogging across a New York bridge when he spotted something exciting: a cartoon mushroom, spray-painted on the sidewalk.

The genius brothers behind Google Wave | CNN | October 27, 2010

(CNN) — Lars and Jens Rasmussen were broke and jobless — with only $16 between them — when they made it big in the Web world by selling their idea for Google Maps.

DEF CON: The event that scares hackers | CNN | August 6, 2011

Las Vegas, Nevada (CNN) — In the Masquerade wing of the Rio Hotel and Casino in the gambling capital of the world, there’s a giant statue of a head hanging over a lobby of slot machines.

Minnesota farmer battles Gulf ‘dead zone’ | CNN | August 30, 2010

Windom, Minnesota (CNN) — Within moments of meeting Tony Thompson, you can tell he sees the world from a different tilt. His frayed shirt pocket is stuffed so full of notes that it’s ripping at the seams. Hairy eyebrows spring off his face like grasshopper antennae. There’s a purple prairie clover stuck in the dash of his van, a bird book below the radio.

Last man standing at the wake for a toxic town | CNN | June 30, 2009

PICHER, Oklahoma (CNN) — Wearing powder blue pants and a plaid fedora, 84-year-old Orval “Hoppy” Ray arrived fashionably late to a celebration in Picher, Oklahoma, a vacated mining town at the center of one of the nation’s largest and most polluted toxic-waste sites.

Twilight at Tar Creek | The Oklahoman | October 15, 2006

It’s Monday night at the Pastime Miner’s Museum in the dying town of Picher, located in far northeastern Oklahoma, two miles from the Kansas border and beyond the reach of cell phone coverage.

Picher girl is still a Gorilla | The Oklahoman | August 20, 2006

PICHER – Driving her father’s mid-90s Ford Thunderbird to the first day of her senior year, Tracy Carder, 17, anxiously flipped between radio stations and wondered whether she could find any normalcy in what may be the last year of her school and her hometown.

‘After this, I don’t know … I don’t know’ | NewsOK.com | May 13, 2008

PICHER — Bruised and battered, with her feet bandaged like cocoons and her ankles looking like they’d been splattered with ink, Kim Johnson returned Monday to her home in Picher for the first time since tornadoes tore through her town.

Can world’s largest laser zap Earth’s energy woes? | CNN | April 28, 2010

Livermore, California (CNN) — Scientists at a government lab here are trying to use the world’s largest laser — it’s the size of three football fields — to set off a nuclear reaction so intense that it will make a star bloom on the surface of the Earth.

Extra innings | poynter.org | June 20, 2005

Before stepping up to bat, players in St. Petersburg’s 75-and-older softball league usually stop by the chainlink fence.